pimp Bike, pimp Desktop

Nebenan wurde ein Desktopcontest veranstaltet und u.a. dieses Bild eingereicht, was so hipsta ist, dass es hier nicht unerwähnt bleiben sollte.

Das Gewinnerbild hat mich nicht ganz überzeugt, ich fand ein anderes der besten 3 ansprechender.

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5 Antworten zu pimp Bike, pimp Desktop

  1. pennapops schreibt:

    clitorida looks like an opened green bean or a maple fruit

  2. lorapops schreibt:

    clito-rida is just awesome, defeats any phallo-sexism, penna

  3. pennapops schreibt:

    clito-rida has one weak-point though – its called G
    if phallo-sexism hits it – clito-rida loses her mind

  4. lorapops schreibt:

    now you showed poor knowledge of anatomy – such a shame for a (micro)biologist

  5. pennapops schreibt:

    You’re right, as a biochemist actually, I should know that there is no experimental evidence on the concrete existence or non-existence of this weak spot nor statistically significant data yet, but rather an ongoing controversial discussion based on the assumptions of few people, with some of them calling themselves scientists. Unfortunately, not enough for a proper scientific conclusion.
    Not even the largest study delivers a satisfying answer on the question whether the G-spot is of physical origin or is rather an abstract and popularized term for a specific erogenous zone as conceived by individual females.
    But, as with every superhero(ine), everyone has their special weak point: Superman has his kryptonite, Batman cannot kill people and Wonder Woman has no superpowers if she loses her bracelets. So what is the weak point of clito-rida? If she has no G then it definitely has to be a period of vulnerability emerging for certain days during a month, so as to say: whenever clito-rida is visited by her aunt rose, she loses her superpowers and instead becomes moody and struggles with blood loss.
    On the contrary, as with her G, it could be considered a simultaneous point of weakness and strength. Hitting it may cause her lose her mind, but if she loses it, she might as well become unstoppable for every kind of phallo-villain because her mind becomes uncontrollable. Not to forget that on the other hand, there are Phallo-Heroes as well that might activate clito-ridas G superpowers. Patchy Paul is the Phallo-sidekick to clito-rida as is Robin to Batman. A shame that he had to die while fighting and instead was replaced by a bigger and stronger sidekick.

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